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The "Bill D's Monacoers" website is operated for the benefit of the approved group members. It is 100% supported by private donation.

It offers a secure and if anonymous platform for owners of Monaco Coaches to:

  • Obtain and/or share information about the Monaoca Coach they own.
  • Share ideas, projects, etc to impove our coaches.
  • Put forward ideas and suggestions to improve the services provided by the website.

Protection of Personal Information

All information collected from the users of this website is treated in the strictest confidence.  This includes e-mail addressed to the moderator or webmaster.

  • e-mail addresses, users real names or any other identifying information will NOT be published or released to any party except at the express request of the specific MEMBER.
  • Anonymous e-mail accounts are offered to moderators or other key members to protect their personal email addresses from being displayed on line..


This website is moderated for content. While members are encouraged to speak their mind, there are certain restrictions. Constructive criticism is welcome, but some comments are not permitted and will be removed:

  • Personal attacks on individuals.
  • Purposefully inaccurate or misleading information.
  • Selling or promoting services.
  • Comments of a religious nature.
  • Comments of a political nature.
  • Anything that a reasonable person should understand that others will find offensive.
  • Criticism of any group, person or business, that in the opinion of the webmaster may be considered to be "Non-Constructive" or detrimental to the interests of other members either individually or as a whole.

The webmaster of this site retains the right to view, edit and if necessary delete topics and posts that do not comply with the above guidelines. Users who continue to post such items after receiving a warning may be banned at the sole discretion of the webmaster.

The webmaster retains the right as the sole judge of compliance with these guidelines.


About the Demo Forum

This forum was created in September 2018 in response to an ongoing discussion that frequently comes up on the existing Bill D's Monacoers Yahoo Group. The typical comment revolves around the lack of features and/or unreliability of the Yahoo Group Site.

Usually, after a number of group members outline their concerns, the idea of abandoning the Yahoo Group and moving to a different format comes up.

In response, other members and the moderators say this is not possible because:

  • We would lose all the previous posts....
  • We would lose the saved documents.....
  • Nobody knows how to do it......
  • It would be far too much work for the moderators......
  • and my favorite - People think it can be done at the touch of a button and they just will sit back and are not willing to do the work.

The main purpose of this Demonstration Forum is to show group moderators and members what is possible and to show that moving to a different platform does not mean losing what we have. It also does not mean an increased work load for the current moderators.

A secondary reason for creating this demo forum is to mitigate the risk that Yahoo Groups appears to be recieving less technical support than in the past. In some circles, there has been a lot of discussion around rumors that Yahoo Group support has been limited since 2014 and is predicted to worsen in the future. The underlying theme is that Yahoo Groups does not make any significant income and therefore in the corporate world, does not justify a lot of resources to keep it operating. It is therefore prudent to back up all the great information, documents and images currently on the Yahoo site and store them in an alternate and independant location. This means that in the future, if Yahoo Group folds, there is a contingency plan to continue the group without serious interupstion.

Here is what you will find on the Demo Forum:

  • All messages from when the Yahoo Group first began in 2004. This is over 250,000 messages under 30,000+ topics.
  • Access is limited to approved members only. At this time, access can be granted, but on a "view only" basis to preserve the integrety of the current topics.
  • Some images and documents have been uploaded to demonstrate how they would be shown and accessed. All the documents and images have been backed up, but not all have been loaded to preserve the exisitng group message numbers. If the group switched to this new format, all the remaining would be uploaded within a few days.
  • All features that would be available are active in the demo forum.

How it works..........

The Demo Forum is built on an SQL Database which is available from phpBB. The phpBB forum architecture has been available for many years and has gone through constant upgrades and fine tuning to make it one of the best available. The phpBB Forum has many more features than Yahoo Groups giving more control to both moderators and users alike. A summary of the differences can be viewed at: Click Here.

Click Here to View - Guidelines for New Users

Helpful Hints..........

  • Do not put any personal information in your posts. Although access is restricted to approved members, there is no guarantee that your personal information is safe if placed in a post that is visible to all. Your personal information is secured behind your username and not accessable except to the site owner and moderators.
  • Do not FLAME anyone else's post. Your post will be removed and if you continue, you may be banned from the site.
  • No political discussion or religious topics
  • If you insert a link to pictures posted elsewhere (i.e. Google Photos or Photobucket) make sure you set the picture album to share with everyone so that others can see your pictures when they click the link.

And lastly, a word about costs. Yahoo Groups is free, but the Forum incurs an annual charge to keep it on line. This cost is reasonable and will vary between $100.00 and $250.00 per year. I believe that based on the available features, enough members would step forward to donate sufficient funds to cover the costs. The current fees have been paid until Sept 2020 already.

This is a moderated group restricted to approved members. Please contact for more information.